Pioneer AVH-4200NEX Review

Pioneer AVH-4200NEX Review

pioneer avh 4200nex review

You don’t have to be a car guru to know that the majority of high-end cars manufactured in the last few years have come equipped with some sort of flashy stereo unit, complete with a relatively large touchscreen, a user-friendly interface, hands-free Bluetooth, and a variety of other high-tech features.

Unfortunately, not all cars are so lucky as to come gift-wrapped with such state-of-the-art stereo equipment. This is especially true if they weren’t all-too-recent buys, which is why you need to read this Pioneer AVH-4200NEX Review.

Modernizing Your Old Car

If you’re looking to give your car’s interior that present-day feel without having to cop a shiny, new car straight off the lot, picking up a solid stereo unit is a right place to start.

Or maybe you did buy yourself a primo ride, but that factory-installed stereo set-up isn’t to your liking. Either way, if you’re in the market for a new stereo unit, it’s crucial that you know what you’re getting into since there is a slew of different models out there to choose from.

Take the Pioneer AVH-4200NEX, for example. It has just about all the bells and whistles you could imagine and then some. But what sets it apart from the rest?

This Pioneer AVH-4200NEX review will answer just that and delve into whether or not it’s a unit worth purchasing.

What Is the AVH-4200NEX and How Does It Work?

The AVH-4200NEX is one of the dozens of double DIN multimedia receivers offered by Pioneer.

If you’re a car stereo neophyte, you may be asking yourself: What exactly does double DIN mean? DIN is a German stereo standard that stands for Deutsches Institut für Normung. It refers to the opening that a car stereo device fits into.

A double-DIN (7” x 4”) allows for larger touchscreen-based stereo models. You can install the AVH-4200NEX if the space in your car where a radio should go is four inches tall.

The AVH-4200NEX is explicitly part of Pioneer’s NEX (Network Entertainment eXperience) line. This line focuses on providing excellent smartphone connectivity. You can access your phone’s apps, music, and navigation systems all right from your dash.

The AVH-4200NEX debuted in late 2016, and while it’s not Pioneer’s newest NEX model, its slick design, easily navigable interface, and smart phone integration capabilities has still managed to entice consumers to purchase this model.

What the AVH-4200NEX Has to Offer

There are several attention-grabbing aspects to the AVH-4200NEX that set it apart as one of Pioneer’s flagship models. First, let’s start with the design and user interface. The AVH-4200NEX comes equipped with a 7” detachable touchscreen with a well-lit and vibrant clear resistive 800 x 480 resolution display and an easy-to-navigate touchscreen.

It also comes with a number of display and color customizations, including 13 background, five display colors, and 112 key colors, providing a vivid visual experience. The anti-glare screening coating can also work wonders during sunny days.

Audio-Video Functionality

Next, we move onto the audio and video functions of the AVH-4200NEX. It can play both audio and video content from CDs and DVDs as well as SD cards and USB memory devices (there is an HDMI input, two rear USB inputs, and dual rear-view camera inputs for a backup camera). It is also Bluetooth capable, making it perfect for taking any hands-free phone calls or streaming audio.

Speaking of streaming audio, the AVH-4200NEX has received high praise for its crisp audio quality, and it comes with several customizable settings to give you the acoustic experience that feels right for you.

The fact it comes with an HD radio and is SiriusXM ready (tuners are sold separately) doesn’t hurt either. Another neat audio feature for any aspiring DJs out there is a music mixing system called MIXTRAX, which allows you to mix your music library using DJ-inspired audio and visual effects.

car radio button pioneer avh 4200nex review

If you have small kids or just a packed car with bored backseat passengers, the AVH-4200NEX also comes with Dual Zone Entertainment.

This allows for those in the backseat to enjoy audio or video of their choosing on separate rear seat monitors while allowing for the driver and front seat passenger to listen to their own audio or focus on navigation.

Smartphone Support

Finally, and remember this is the primarily-touted of the Pioneer AVH-4200NEX and similar models, is the smart phone integration capabilities. Depending on which kind of phone you own, you will be able to integrate either the Android Auto or Apple CarPlay apps.

For Android Auto, you can hands-free call and text and, thanks to a handy voice control feature, you also can search the web, input a destination into Google Maps, or access your favorite streaming services, like Pandora, Spotify, and Stitcher.

Similar services come with Apple CarPlay. The only major differences are that it uses Apple Maps rather than Google and allows for hands-free Siri integration.

Is the Price Right?

When it first hit the market in 2016, the one glaring downside of the AVH-4200NEX was that it was fairly pricey at $700, though now you can purchase it from many online retailers, such as Amazon, for about $400 or even $100 cheaper than that at Best Buy. Keep in mind, unless you consider yourself to be exceptionally handy, you’ll likely need professional help to install the unit, which will set you back additionally.

If the price is a concern for you and you don’t care for the smartphone integration capabilities of the AV-4200NEX, Pioneer does have several newer DVD receiver models on the market. You can purchase the AVH-X391BHS at half the cost. It still offers stellar sound quality and limited smart device compatibility.

Here’s What The Public Had To Say About the AVH-4200NEX

If you find a Pioneer AVH-4200NEX review, it will be relatively positive, with reviewers praising the receiver’s multitude of features, clear sound quality, and sleek design. Several high-rating reviews particularly appreciated the AVH-4200NEX as an easily navigable alternative to either outdated or factory-installed systems.

The Pioneer AVH-4200NEX review will tell you what it offers is just right for its high price. But they seemed to be split on the effectiveness of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Both Apple and Android users who had positive experiences with their respective apps enjoyed that they had reasonably easy connectivity with hands-free capabilities.

One issue that customers found with the AVH-4200NEX unstable Bluetooth connectivity. There were also some problems reported with the USB ports.


  • Smartphone Connectivity
  • Easy-To-Navigate Touchscreen
  • Display and Color Customization
  • Bluetooth Capable
  • SiriusXM Ready
  • MIXTRAX Effects
  • Dual Zone Entertainment
  • Hands-Free Siri Integration


  • Android General Interface Clunkiness
  • Bluetooth Glitches
  • USB Port Problems

Products on the Market Similar to the AVH-4200NEX

As mentioned, its smartphone integration capability sets the AVH-4200NEX from other Double DIN multimedia receivers. That being said, there are still various brands of multimedia systems that offer Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality.

A close competitor to the AVH-4200NEX in design and functionality is the Kenwood Excelon DDX9903S. Based on a side-by-side comparison compiled by Crutchfield, both products come equipped with high-end touchscreens and audio feature.

Both also come with built-in hands-free Bluetooth and SiriusXM capabilities and the ability to download media files and integrate smartphones via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

While it does not function as a DVD or CD player, the Sony XAV-AX100 offers most of the same smartphone and hands-off capabilities as the AVH-4200NEX and the Excelon DDX9903S. According to Wirecutter, it is the best car stereo for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration.

So What’s the Final Verdict?

If you consider the hands-free integration of your smartphone to be an integral part of your dashboard experience, then the AVH-4200NEX could be a good product for you. It’s certainly not the only product of its kind, but its user-friendliness, pristine picture and impressive sound coupled with several other nifty features and add-ons give it weight as a top-of-the-line product

As the Pioneer AVH-4200NEX review suggests, these sorts of smartphone syncing capabilities offered by Android and Apple don’t come without frustrations, but no product on the market is safe from the occasional lag and glitch. You may need to do some shopping around to find the AVH-4200NEX at a price that feels more right for you, but with all that it has to offer, it seems worth it.



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