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Is the Jensen-VX4022 a Good Product?

image source: PexelsThere's nothing quite as nice as having music along for a drive. Thanks to modern technology, vast libraries of songs can be contained in your pocket, and all it takes to hook up your tunes is to manage that frustrating nest of wires and maze of

Pioneer AVIC 8200NEX Review and Review of the AVIC-8201NEX

Quick Navigation What are these? Can They be Installed in Any Car?Dual Zone EntertainmentiDataLinkWhat Makes the AVIC 8200NEX and AVIC 8201NEX Unique?SpecsWide Band Speech RecognitionNavigationVIDEO: Pioneer AVIC Navigation Settings and Features in DepthFeaturesCompatibilityMotorized ScreensAverage Pricing of These UnitsDifferencesOther Pioneer AVIC 8200NEX Reviews and AVIC 8201NEX ReviewsPioneer AVIC

6 Car Hacks to Pimp Your Ride

For some, a car is just a way to get from Point A to Point B. For others, a car offers a more meaningful attachment and can even serve as a personal extension. If you see yourself falling into that latter group, you want to be driving

Pioneer AVH-4200NEX Review

Pioneer AVH-4200NEX ReviewYou don’t have to be a car guru to know that the majority of high-end cars manufactured in the last few years have come equipped with some sort of flashy stereo unit, complete with a relatively large touchscreen, a user-friendly interface, hands-free Bluetooth, and a