Best JVC Double Din – KW-R910BT and KW-R710

One of the easiest parts to upgrade on your car has always been your stereo system. And in this age of inter-connectivity, you’re really missing out if you’re keeping your stock stereo. The best JVC double-DIN unit, you can now tune into satellite radio, use apps designed for your car and set your car up as a Wi-Fi hotspot. You can also play DVDs for long trips, turning your car into a complete media system.

The Best JVC Double-DIN Units

Of course, like all high-end pieces of technology, who you’re buying from matters arguably more than the product you’re buying. If a product can only deliver on its services half the time, then it’s a disappointing purchase. Fortunately for you, this isn’t a problem with JVC, a company that’s been around for nearly a century. They’ve specialized in technology and audio systems.

If you’re in the market to upgrade your stock double-DIN stereo head, we’ve got a couple of the best JVC double-DIN units right here for you to check out.

1. JVC KW-X830BTS Car Audio 2 Din

JVC KWX830BTS Car Stereo - Double Din, Bluetooth Audio and Calling,... Buy on Amazon

What you’re getting with the KW-R910BT is essentially an improvement over everything you’ve already come to expect from your car’s stereo. Everything you’ve come to count on for your car’s stereo is not only there in this JVC double-DIN.

However, now it’s improved with an easily adjustable equalizer with 12 customizable presets, as well as high and low pass filters. This way, your music doesn’t make irritating static noises when it tries to exceed certain ranges.

With an incredibly visible dashboard, this model is also incredibly user-friendly, giving you JVC car audio quality without a lot of hassle.


But the real star feature of this product is how it integrates with your mobile device. When we say “integrates,” we don’t mean just a 1/4-inch headphone jack that plugs into a tape-deck converter, either.

The JVC KW R910 double-DIN car stereo actually actively interfaces with your mobile music device. This gives you real two-way control right on your stereo head, as well as the capacity to work inside your car’s steering wheel (for supported models).

Streaming music

Just like with your radio setup, you can play your music through your mobile device. Or choose your car’s internal memory with crystal clear fidelity. All of your major satellite radio networks get additional support with this head unit, like Pandora and IHeartRadio.

You’ll also get the best JVC double-DIN specific music player, so you can really get the most out of your subscriptions. You won’t be tied to your car’s audio for satellite radio. Instead, you can easily pair with your Android phone subscriptions and take them everywhere.

In addition to your music, the Bluetooth support on the KW-R910 2-DIN car stereo head unit means that you can effortlessly use your phone through your car’s audio system.

Also, with onboard support for your phone book and the ability to call without looking at your phone, you can connect with your phone contacts effortlessly and safely on the best JVC double-DIN units.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your audio, this JVC detachable face stereo head unit can act as an incredibly useful extension of your mobile device’s already impressive power.

This JVC model falls into our top 5 for the best 2.0 DIN head unit.

2. JVC KW-R920BTS In-Dash Double-DIN

JVC KW-R920BTS Built-in Bluetooth/Satellite Radio-Ready in-Dash... Buy on Amazon

If, however, you don’t find yourself using Bluetooth and still want the best JVC double-DIN unit you can get, we have an alternative. You might also be able to save yourself a few dollars and purchase the KW-R710 model instead.

With this one, you’re getting all the JVC car stereo equipment you would get on the R910 without the Bluetooth connectivity.

While this may sound like you’re missing out on a key feature, you’re really not losing anything except the ability to make phone calls. However, this means that you’re going to easily be able to connect your mobile device through the front USB and lose out on nothing else.

Why Buy These JVC Car Stereo Head Units?

What you’re getting with the best JVC double-DIN stereo heads isn’t just a great piece of audio equipment from a trusted company. You’re also getting a new way to enjoy all the features of your mobile device.

If you have a serious commute or like to take the family on long car trips, it’s pretty easy to see why upgrading your car stereo system is a huge plus.

You may want to take calls in the comfort of your car with integrated Bluetooth, or just click on your satellite radio and enjoy it through the drive. With the best JVC double DIN units, it’s effortless to enjoy everything that makes your mobile device great.

Connecting these is as easy as plugging in a USB, and disconnecting is the same way. You can plug your device up for the drive in, and just unplug it from your car when you leave. You can then plug it into your office stereo system just as easy as you’d hang up your coat.

Choosing Your Favorite JVC Model

Both of the best JVC double-DIN models combine the simplicity of what you’re used to on your car’s stock car stereo with improved features and mobile device connectivity. This gives you everything you need, without charging you for the things you don’t.

While people looking for video support on their double-DIN stereo heads might not find these models to their liking, they can opt for the AVX740 instead. Those of us who are just looking for a great way to experience audio in our cars will find that both of these double-DIN stereo heads do an admirable job.

Which of these do you think are is the best JVC double-DIN unit for your car? Let us know in the comments!

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