Is the Jensen-VX4022 a Good Product?

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There's nothing quite as nice as having music along for a drive. Thanks to modern technology, vast libraries of songs are contained in your pocket, and all it takes to hook up your tunes is to manage that frustrating nest of wires and maze of plugs. Our phones, mp3 players, and auxiliary jacks ought to have made the process of hearing your custom playlist easy, but if you do not have the right stereo receiver, setup can be a real frustration. That's why we love the Jensen VX4022.

You may have seen a Jensen VX4022 in one of your audiophile friends' cars. This stereo receiver brings touch-screen technology to your dash and offers many additional bells and whistles to enhance your driving experience. However, it is far from the only stereo receiver on the market.

In fact, the internet offers so many options for stereo receivers that it could take ages to sort through all of them. Fortunately, we took that burden upon ourselves and scoured the internet for stereo receivers that could compete with the Jensen VX4022.

In the end, we found three competitors that could give the Jensen VX4022 a run for its money. We then scored each of these stereo receivers against the VX4022 according to the following criteria: how much the item cost, how easy it was to use, the overall quality of the item's design, and what sort of warranty came with the item.

We then summarized each item's strong and weak points into pro and con lists. Links are provided to where you can buy each item that made our shortlist. We will dive into the scores, but first, let us explore why so many people are talking about the Jensen VX4022 stereo receiver system.

Jensen VX4022

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The Jensen VX4022 is a 6.2 inch LCD multimedia touch screen double DIN car stereo. It comes with built-in Bluetooth that eliminates the need for annoying wires in your front seat. Remarkably, it can even play CDs and DVDs, meaning that your vast collections of physical entertainment need not go to waste.

You can transform those moments sitting in your car waiting to pick someone up into your own private movie experience. The screen is high definition and really quite big for something that fits in the front of your dash. If you choose the Jensen VX4022, you may soon find yourself driving with a book of your old DVDs in your glove compartment.

Simplicity and utility are the names of the game when it comes to the Jensen VX4022. Getting your favorite tunes bumping is as easy as popping in a disk or wirelessly connecting your phone. It is great to have multiple options for multiple moods, especially when those options do not require the tedious action of threading aux cords into tiny holes like your phone's audio jack.

Of course, this stereo receiver has a classic audio jack if you prefer the hard connection. It even has a USB jack for easily transferring media from a flash drive to your car.

We loved that the Bluetooth feature transformed old cars, giving them the capability of receiving calls hands-free. We were also impressed with the music streaming options provided by the Jensen VX4022. The touch screen easily allowed us to switch between SiriusXM, Pandora, iHeartRadio & Spotify.

The larger than 6-inch screen on the Jensen VX4022 can be used to mirror the screen of your Android or iOS device. We found that we greatly enjoyed using our phones this way, especially on cold days when we had to wait around in the car.

Suddenly, thanks to the Jensen VX4022, you can view your photos and revisit fond memories simply sitting in the warmth of your car. It's a great capability that can be added to cars that were far from being this sci-fi when they were manufactured.

If your steering wheel has controls for the radio, odds are they will work with the Steering Wheel Control system that the Jensen VX4022 sports.

We've listed a boatload of features at this point, and we haven't even talked about the sound quality. You are given many options with the equalizers and music, movies, talk radio, and podcasts all sound great coming from this device.

Product Specs

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The Jensen VX4022 is a double DIN stereo receiver, meaning it will not fit in single DIN vehicles. Bluetooth can connect to both Android and iOS devices, enabling hands-free calling. The LCD touch screen measures 6.2 inches and is of the TFT High-Resolution rating.

The Jensen VX4022 provides 10-Band Customizable EQing, which gives you a lot of control over your audio experience. The front panel supports the following inputs: USB, 3.5mm Audio/Video Input. It outputs through a 4VRMS RCA Line.

The Jensen VX4022 can connect to a car's pre-existing Steering Wheel controls and its backup camera. This product comes with a 1-year warranty.


The Jensen VX4022 and the stereo receivers that give it a run for its money can usually be purchased for between one hundred and two hundred dollars. Some luxury models will exceed this two hundred dollar limit, but you can expect to pay between this range for items such as the Jensen VX4022.

Keep in mind that you may have to pay additional costs for installation if you are not handy in that manner.

​How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare.

  • Pioneer AVH-210EX
  • Kenwood DDX372BT
  • Pioneer AVHX3800BHS 2-DIN

No products found.

Ease of use

Ease is one of the best features of the Jensen VX4022. The touch screen makes switching between the radio and the music on your phone into a breeze. Playing CDs and DVDs is just as easy. The Bluetooth was responsive and found our devices quickly so that no time had to be wasted transitioning from headphones to an in-car audio experience.

All that, and we found that we could easily install this device, even when we wanted to connect the Jensen VX4022 to the car's built-in microphone.

Design quality

In short, we were blown away by the design quality of the Jensen VX4022. The screen itself looks great and resists looking smudgy for a long time. The ports feel good to use, and the device communicates easily with the existing systems in the car. It makes the dash of your car look immediately modern even if the model is years old. The audio quality coming through our calls was solid as well.


The Jensen VX4022 comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Bluetooth connectivity is strong and convenient
  • Can play off of a phone, a DVD, a CD, an aux jack, a USB or the radio
  • 6.2-inch high definition screen with touch controls
  • Preserves high-quality audio
  • You mirror your phone onto your dash


  • Not the longest warranty
Pioneer AVH-210EX Double DIN Bluetooth In-Dash DVD/CD AM/FM Front USB...
  • 6. 2" WVGA Touchscreen with LED Backlight Display
  • Bluetooth hands-free calling & audio streaming
  • 5-Band Graphic Equalizer

Leave it to Pioneer to give the Jensen VX4022 a run for its money when it comes to car stereo receivers. The Pioneer AVH-210EX has a similarly large 6.2-inch screen that is a WVGA Touchscreen Display. It also provides playback of every conceivable digital format, CD and DVDs included. Like the Jensen VX4022, it supports both Android and iOS devices that can connect through Bluetooth, USB, or aux jack.

It even matches the Jensen VX4022 when it comes to providing a connection for backup cameras. The Jensen VX4022 and the Pioneer AVH-210EX can even be purchased for similar price points. They are both double DIN models. How do they differ? Ultimately, the quality of the Pioneer AVH-210EX is noticeably lower than that of the Jensen VX4022.

Ease of use

Most people did not have too much trouble installing this device on their own. Connecting to Bluetooth was simple enough, as was programming the radio stations and using the EQing functions. However, customization is limited in terms of what your display and your dash look like. Many users prefer to choose the colors and theme of their dash which helps to make an aftermarket part better suit your car's pre-existing interior.

Design quality

Whereas the Pioneer AVH-210EX does provide many of the features that the Jensen VX4022, it really falls behind the king of the hill when it comes to the quality of the screen. The Pioneer AVH-210EX looks more smudgy and pixelated by comparison. Not everyone will be using their touch screen stereo receiver to watch videos. But if you do, you will likely prefer the quality of the Jensen VX4022.


The Pioneer AVH-210EX comes with an Authorized Internet Dealer 1-year Manufacturer's Warranty.


  • Middling price point
  • Touch screen is convenient for using the receiver
  • Can connect to many types of media
  • Can play CDs and DVDs as well as stream from Bluetooth devices


  • Not the longest warranty
  • Inferior screen quality to the Jensen VX4022

The Kenwood ​DDX374BT is the first radio receiver we have considered that not only has the capability of connecting to a rearview camera, it actually comes with its own rearview camera for you to install. Like the Jensen VX4022 and the Pioneer AVH-210EX, it is a double DIN stereo receiver with a 6.2-inch touch screen. Unlike them, it comes with a rearview camera and an SOTS air freshener.

It is ready to play SiriusXM Satellite Radio. However, you have to purchase this separately. This model matches its competition in terms of being able to provide Bluetooth connection, DVD playback, CD playback, and hands-free calling. The Kenwood ​DDX374BT costs a bit more than the rest of its competition.

Ease of use

A little extra installation is required with the Kenwood ​DDX374BT. For the extra effort, you can equip your car with a rearview camera that goes right over your license plate. Although this capability will probably be the selling point for a few of our readers, it is just an extra part if you already have a rearview camera on your vehicle.

Design quality

We thought the display itself was quite aesthetically pleasing on the Kenwood ​DDX374BT. The screen quality itself was not of the absolute top of the line quality, but the image from its rearview camera was clear enough to be useful.


Kenwood offers a fairly standard 1-year warranty on their product.


  • Comes with its own rearview camera
  • Comes with a bonus SOTS air freshener
  • Can play everything from DVDs to Bluetooth streaming


  • Not the longest warranty
  • More expensive than other options
Pioneer AVHX3800BHS 2-DIN Receiver with 6.2" Display/Built-in...
  • Screen Size/Aspect Ratio: 6.2-Inch, 16:9, Resolution: WVGA (800 x 480),Touchscreen: Clear Resistive
  • Color Customization:5 Display Colors, 112-Key Colors, Display Customization:13-Background, Splash Screen, Navigation...
  • Hands-Free Profile (HFP): HFP 1.6, Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP): AVRCP 1.5

The AVHX3800BHS 2-DIN Receiver with 6.2" display is another excellent car stereo receiver from Pioneer. Its WVGA 800 x 400 6.2-inch display provides an aspect ratio of 16:9 that looks great. Its screen even resists some amount of smudging, which is nice in a touch screen. We loved that you could choose between five display colors and over a hundred key colors. The customization really helps an aftermarket part fit in with a wide array of interiors.

As expected, this double DIN receiver can communicate with iOS and Android devices through either Bluetooth, auxiliary cord, or USB connection. The customization of display is its main selling point. However, it costs a bit more than the Jensen VX4022.

Ease of use

The Pioneer AVHX3800BHS 2-DIN is among the easier stereo car receivers to install. Plus, its touchscreen capability makes navigating its menus a breeze.

Design quality

It performs quite well. Both the audio and visuals of this device are top notch. However, we were not the biggest fans of the way this device looks before we had customized all its buttons.


The Pioneer AVHX3800BHS 2-DIN comes with a year-long warranty.


  • Easy to install
  • Provides a wide range of playback
  • Colors and buttons can be easily customized
  • Attractive display that measures 6.2 inches


  • Not the cheapest option on this list


Although all the stereo receivers we reviewed provide many options for connection and a 6.2-inch touch screen, only one offered the right features for the right price. That stereo receiver was the Jensen VX4022. We can only conceive of choosing a different model if you need both an air freshener and a rearview camera packaged with your stereo receiver.

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