Pioneer AVH X4700BS 2-DIN Head Unit Review

AVH-X4700BS_angle-2_largeAs far as Double DIN sets go, you’ve got a couple of options. The first option is a simple upgrade of all that makes your stock stereo great, usually things like simple mobile device connectivity, a few stereo connectors, and a touch screen interface.

Some of these are going to have some streaming radio support, IE, the ability to run internet radio through your stereo head, usually through an external device. While it’s all great for improving on what you already know and love about your car’s stereo head, it’s just that; an improvement that doesn’t really break much new ground.

If you really want to break new ground, you want the second option; integrated video support that essentially turns your car into a mobile media center. With on-board support for popular music and video apps, as well as DVD playback capability, this kind of stereo head gives you a wide array of options that you wouldn’t have even considered on your old stereo setup.

If this sounds like something you’d like, you should definitely consider the Pioneer AVH-X4700BS Double DIN Stereo Head, a 2-DIN unit that shows you the absolute best of what a DVD capable stereo head is capable of. Pioneer is a leader in head unit technology and continues their stranglehold at the top of the market with this stereo unit.

Check out our homepage to see this unit listed as 1 of our 5 recommended overall 2.0 din’s as well as one of our favorite Pioneer models.

Features of the Stereo Head by Pioneer

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”375″ identifier=”B00O8B7BT0″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”bestdoubled04-20″ width=”500″]Let’s start with the basics on this Pioneer head unit. In addition to everything your stock stereo head can already do (scan for AM/FM radio, save presets, and play CDs), your interface is going to be pretty easy to understand, thanks to a 7 inch WVGA resolution touchscreen control setup with an added (and adjustable) backlight.

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Rather than your traditional push-button system, you’re going to know how to navigate menus, adjust features, and anything else without any guesswork. If you’re trying to get the best possible sound quality out of your stereo head, the touch screen makes equalizing, fading, and even the power to each of your speakers incredibly intuitive.

In much the same way, the video setup just makes a lot of sense. Simply press the DVD button on your touch screen and your stereo head will fold down, revealing the disk drive. Slide a DVD in, and you can control everything else through touch-screen menus. Whether your pleasure is music or video, the X4700BS Pioneer head unit has you

Just taking it a few step further, you’re also getting USB connectivity and a Mirrorlink setup. The USB is pretty straightforward; simply plug in any USB device and this stereo head can easily read off audio files in MP3, WMA, AAC, and WAV, organized just like they were designed for this system.

The Mirrorlink setup allows you to extend this feature to your Iphone and Android devices as well, giving you real two-way control over music and video selection.

It’s not just your own music and video, either; the X4700BS comes loaded with support for streaming music services like Pandora and IheartRadio, as well as streaming video like Youtube and Netflix.

For the driver who likes to use their phone’s traffic apps, this Mirrorlink setup also supports a handful of navigation, parking, and traffic apps that, once again, run right through your stereo head. You’ve already got the smartphone and the apps; with the X4700BS, you can use them, as well as the rest of your phone, to their full potential.

Other Benefits of the Pioneer X4700BS

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”375″ identifier=”B00O8B7BT0″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”bestdoubled04-20″ width=”500″]Speaking of using your phone to its full potential, the X4700BS also gives you the ability to connect without even plugging your phone in, thanks to Pioneer double DIN Bluetooth connectivity. Not only does this give you the ability to access all of your media (or the media of anyone else in your car with a Bluetooth connection), but you can also make calls hands-free, eyes-free and, most importantly, hassle-free.

All of your relevant information will show up on your stereo head when you’re receiving a call; all you need to do is confirm and talk into the external microphone, simple as that, with perfect receiving and transmitting quality.

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With simple Bluetooth pairing, you can experience hands-free calling, wireless audio streaming, artist, album, and song search, and voice recognition. Wireless Bluetooth technology has made life inside a vehicle much more convenient.

Use your voice

The Bluetooth voice recognition on the AVH-X4700BS allows users to use their voice with an iOs device and use Siri hands-free. When this is activated, Siri commands come through the car speakers. This makes listening to music, responding to messages, calling people, and managing calendar reminders much easier and safer when driving.

Your favorite radio stations, everywhere

The AVH-X4700BS is SiriusXM-ready, so this means that you can listen to commercial-free music, exclusive talk and entertainment, news, traffic, comedy, weather, and sports.

One-cable connection for AppRadio

The AVH-X4700BS features AppRadio One. This provides you with the ability to view and control your compatible iPhone and Android smartphone apps using a one-cable connection.

Pandora listening

Pandora is a better-than-ever listening experience. Great music discovery is free and effortless with Pandora. All you need to do is start with the name of one of your favorite artists, songs, genres, or composers and then let Pandora do the rest.

With the AVH-X4700BS, you can enjoy amazing sound quality and you can fully control your Pandora experience using the touchscreen display.


Keep the party going with Mixtrax. This is an amazing innovative technology that creates a nonstop mix of your music library and mixes in a range of DJ effects to make it seem like a real party.

USB direct control of your iPhone

Pioneer’s AVH-X4700BS is ready completely to directly connect to your iPhone for music playback using a simple USB cable. Songs, artists, time, and album information are all beautifully displayed on the 7″ touchscreen. The system’s wired USB connection provides the listener with a direct digital signal transfer for clean. crisp, and clear sounds. It also provides charge to your device when plugged in.

Android Music Support

Android users can connect their device to the AVH-X4700BS without the need for any specific apps. You can access your music via USB and operate basic operations such as rewind, fast-forward, play, pause, randomize, and repeat. Information such as track, artist, and album name can be displayed on the screen.


You can easily upgrade to navigation with the addition of the AVIC-U260 add-on navigation system. You can easily switch to the navigation mode with the simple touch of a button.

Customize your colors

Choose between five colors (amber, red, green, blue, and violet) for the display and choose between 112 different colors to match your unit illumination to your vehicle’s interior lighting. You can also choose from several different background images to suit your mood.

Whether you’re using your phone, your passenger’s phone, or your passenger’s tablet, you’ll have no problem running all of them right through the stereo head, all while keeping your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

Whether you’re a businessman with a hideous commute, a parent who needs to keep kids entertained on long car trips, or just somebody who wants to get a little more use out of their smartphones in the one place it can do a lot of good, this Pioneer double DIN car stereo should be your stereo head of choice.

If you can find just one feature on it you really like, it’s worth picking up one of these sweet double DIN units and falling in love with the other options you didn’t even know you needed.

Other high quality Pioneer head units include the FHX-720BT and the AVHX1600DVD.

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