General Rule To Follow How Will A Double Din Fit?

Will a Double DIN Fit? Cars that Will and Won't Fit a Double DIN

Buying parts for a car is not an easy process. Though you can often know ahead of time what you need, when something has to be replaced it is often best to do your research and make sure it will fit where it needs to go. That applies to all car parts, but it is especially important when looking for a new radio.

It is easy to assume that any good-sized radio will fit inside any large dashboard. However, that is rarely the case. When searching for a new model or asking the question "will a double DIN fit my car?" you need to be absolutely certain that whatever you buy will be the right size. It is not about eyeballing it. It is about knowing exactly what you need.

Measuring to fit a Double DIN

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There are two main radio sizes: "single DIN" and "double DIN". As you can imagine, a single DIN is much smaller than a double DIN. Many people choose a double-DIN for various reasons, including more real estate, a larger screen, and better sound. However, upgrading to a larger size is not something everyone can do.

There is no one answer to whether or not a car can fit a double DIN. Some models can and some models can't. It varies based on many factors. There are multiple ways to check if your car can hold a double DIN, but the easiest if through measuring.

To figure out the space for your car radio, you want to measure the space where you want the unit to go. If your car can only fit a single DIN head unit, the front face plate will measure 7 by 2 inches.

In contrast, if it holds a double DIN head unit the front face plate will have the same width but measure twice as tall. Any car where the head unit measures roughly 7 by 4 inches is compatible with a double DIN. Remember, as the width is the same, the four inches is the key.

Knowing the Difference Between Models

When measuring, the general rule to follow is that if your vehicle came with a single DIN head unit you typically can only replace it with another single DIN. However, if your car has space for a double DIN then you can upgrade or get a new model.

It is also important to watch out for any non-standard "1.5-DIN" sizes. These are much more rare than single or double DINs but, as their name suggests, they are too small to fit a standard double DIN. They look awfully similar to larger sizes, which is why it is critically important to measure rather than eyeball. There is no reason to make a purchase purely on assumption.

Browsing Through Online Stereo Size Databases

Browsing Databases

If you don't want to measure, or if you feel that you want a second opinion after you measure, there is always the option of going online. Remember, when trying to find information on your car, there is no better resource than car audio retailers.

Companies want to sell radios, and in order to do that they need to make sure the customer is happy. What better way to do that than making sure their devices fit the right cars? Car audio stores have had size and fit databases for years (far before the internet existed) to help customers quickly and easily locate the parts that needed.

Today, getting a hold of such information is even easier. You simply need to go online, search your make and model, and locate your car stereo. That will then give you a breakdown of your different specs and help you answer "will a double DIN fit my car?."

Just be sure to also include any relevant trim options and to take note of any head units that will fit your vehicle. Installation is a multi-step process, and those are things you want to know whether you put it in yourself or if you seek the services of a professional.

While this method is not always going to be as accurate as measuring, you should be able to find the correct information with a little bit of extra research.

Choosing the Right Radio for You

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When asking, "will a double DIN fit my car?" it is vitally important to make sure that your car can support a bigger radio size. There is nothing worse than purchasing something you can't use, and the above steps will prevent that from happening.

Going online can work well, as can getting in and measuring yourself. Whatever you choose, as long as you are diligent with your methods, take your time, and check a few sources, you will have your answer in no time.

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