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How Much Does It Cost To Install A Car Stereo?

image via: pxhere.comThere's nothing like driving down the road, your windows rolled down and your favorite music playing over your car stereo system. However, what happens if your vehicle of choice doesn't have a car stereo that supports the kind of features you're interested in? When this

How to Tune a Car Amp to Get the Best Sound

When you really want to take your music enjoyment to the next level in your car, you'll install all new equipment, including an amplifier. The amplifier helps control the audio signals, sending more powerful sounds to your speakers and subwoofers. Having an amp installed, though, does not

Important Car Dashboard Symbols And Their Meanings

image source: pexelsYour vehicle's dash provides you with a host of information. While you have the main information including engine temperature, fuel, miles per hour, and so on, your dash will also provide you with information telling you when the vehicle is not performing correctly. Modern vehicles