Kenwood DPX500BT Double DIN Stereo Head Review

2864_800_537One of the things about older-style CD and even tape deck stereos that new tech still has a problem keeping up with is the interchangeability; the media easily popped out of one car and into another without anything complex.

While media storage may be in the gigabytes and even terabytes, it’s still possible that the songs you have aren’t the ones you (or your passengers) want to hear.

At that point, switching can be a hassle; for small devices like an Ipod or Android device, this can be done with a tape-deck adapter on older cars, but even if your car still has a tape deck, it’s almost dangerous to dig around for your device to control it. Fortunately, thanks to improvements in Bluetooth wireless connectivity, a lot of those problems can go by the wayside. For proof, you should check out the Kenwood DPX500BT Double DIN Stereo Head. It’s one of our top 5 favorites listed here.

Kenwood Car Stereo Head Unit

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For those of you who aren’t sure what Bluetooth is, it’s essentially a way for wireless devices to talk to one another over short distances. It uses the UHF radio band to move packets of data short distances between Bluetooth enabled devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even headphones.

Of course, what this means for you is that connecting devices to a Bluetooth enabled stereo head doesn’t require any hard-line connection, so someone in the back seat of an SUV can simply open their laptop, turn on their Bluetooth adapter, find the DPX500BT network, and register themselves. From there, you just choose your device from the list on your stereo head, and you’re good to go. It’s easy enough to do in just a minute, and once your device is registered, the connection will happen automatically.

If you have an Iphone, things get even easier; by simply connecting your device to the stereo head with your Ipod cable, you not only have control over your music, but your Apple device is already set up for  Bluetooth connectivity as well; even in a full car, you could take two minutes at a rest stop to connect everyone’s device, get them all on the Bluetooth network, and play whoever’s music you want, without the need for wires.

In addition, you can use Bluetooth to make hands-free calls with a Bluetooth ready headset or microphone, a real plus for business travelers. All you need to do is plug your smartphone up, turn on your Bluetooth speaking device, get everything connected, and you’re good to go. Answering calls and hanging up come from the same button on the front, and scrolling through your phone book is as easy as turning the volume knob, making any kind of call easy to pick up without taking your hands off the wheel. Basically, Bluetooth gives you a degree of simple control over devices that you might never have thought possible before, and, once again, without the need for wires.

What Else Can Kenwood Car Audio Provide?

While the big star of this Kenwood double DIN car stereo head is definitely the Bluetooth, the DPX500BT also has a lot of other great features that put it head and shoulders above your stock models.

In addition to your basic radio tuner that covers all your AM/FM bands and saves presets, you’re getting a CD player that’s ready for even CD-RWs, or burned CDs, so you can still hold onto your CD collection on this model.

In the back, you’ve got three preouts for extra speakers, so this stereo head can help you get the most out of your music, while the internal EQ and balance controls can help you tune it just the way you like. For those of you with smartphones, it’s easy to link your Kenwood car audio; thanks to the pre-installed onboard support, you can stream and control Pandora, IHeartRadio, and Aha Radio through your stereo head by just connecting, either with a cord or with Bluetooth. As far as a stereo head goes, even without the Bluetooth, the Kenwood DPX500BT improves on everything your stock stereo head can do, making it a perfect buy for anybody who feels the need to upgrade.

Conclusion? A Great Mid-Range Stereo Head

While all the functions on the DPX500BT are great, it’s the Bluetooth connectivity that really pushes this stereo head over the top, which is a great distinction for a mid-range stereo head. While the Bluetooth itself isn’t unique, you’ll find that it doesn’t come on similarly priced models, but rather on the higher-end touchscreen video playing stereo heads; while it may look cooler, it’s also going to cost nearly double the price of the DPX500BT.

For the price, it’s awfully difficult to find a stereo head that is both affordable and Bluetooth ready, and while you may lose some of the intuitive control that a touch screen provides, once everything is set up to your liking, you’ll find that this Kenwood car stereo head does everything a stereo head should do, with the added benefit of some truly useful Bluetooth technology.

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