Selecting the Best Double Din DVD Player

ddx 271When you’re picking out an upgrade to your car’s stereo system, have you ever considered putting in an in-dash DVD player? It might sound expensive and difficult, but thanks to advances in audio and video technology from industry leaders, not only is it an affordable prospect, but it’s easy enough that you could install it yourself with a few tools and some time.

After you put in your new double DIN DVD car stereo, you’ll quickly wonder how you ever drove without it; it keeps the kids entertained on long car trips, tap into satellite radio through your smartphone, and have completely free maps and GPS apps right at your fingertips. If this sounds like something you’d like in your car, we’ve got a few great models from some big-name companies that are sure to suit both the Sunday driver and the hour-long commuter. Let’s take a look at our top 2 recommended models.

#1 – Kenwood DDX-271 In-Dash Touchscreen DVD

This in-dash DVD system from Kenwood Electronics covers all your basic needs for in-car audio and video. In addition to all of your basic options like a radio tuner and a double DIN CD player, the DDX-271 has a 6.1 inch WVGA monitor that’s fully optimized for touchscreens.

That may sound like a lot of information, so, quite simply, what you’re getting is an Android tablet, and everything that entails, right on your car’s dash. You’re getting 800×420 resolution and a touchscreen that makes navigating on your stereo head incredibly easy to understand, even for people who have little or no experience with technology.

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Of course, it’s a good thing that the interface is easy to understand, because you can really do a lot with this stereo head. You can use the touchscreen to easily control DVDs, choosing exactly where you want to start and with what options without digging through tedious menus.

If you’ve got a smartphone, you can connect it directly into the stereo head via a USB and, thanks to Kenwood’s on-board support for the major smartphone brands, you can easily search and play audio and video files right on the stereo head.

Want more info on the DDX271?

Feel like you need a GPS more than you need a video player? The DDX-271 can do both. Once again, Kenwood’s on-board support for smartphones means that you can run and control a good set of driving and GPS apps right on the stereo head as well. Whatever you want to do with a full visual display, you can probably do with the combination of a smartphone and your Kenwood Double DIN stereo head.

If you like the interface but want to upgrade it a bit further, Kenwood’s got you covered as well. The DDX-271 also integrates with an Idatalink Maestro RR box to give you support for satellite radio as well as Bluetooth connectivity; with Bluetooth, any device in your car with media and a Bluetooth connection can be accessed on your stereo head with just the push of a button.

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If you don’t want to use your smartphone’s data plan for your stereo unit, the combination of the Maestro Rr and your Kenwood DDX-271 gives you the ability to enjoy satellite radio without the hassle of data-counting.

All in all, the DDX-271 is another great multi-purpose stereo head from Kenwood. Buy it for the DVD player, keep it for the apps, and upgrade it with a Maestro Rr box to get everything you possibly can out of this incredibly flexible and robust DVD head unit. It easily ranks as one of our 3 favorite Kenwood head unit models to buy.

#2 – Planet Audio P9640B In-Dash 2 DIN Touchscreen DVD

We won’t kid ourselves; these car stereo units cost money that you might not feel comfortable spending on a new technology. We get that, which is why we’ve got the  the P9640B from Planet Audio, a solid double DIN DVD player for a much more affordable price. On this stereo head, you’re getting all the same audio and video capabilities that you would expect; touchscreen capabilities, a wide variety of formats, and USB ports to pull audio and video from any USB device.

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In addition, you’ve also got the steering wheel interface capability, allowing you to shift tracks and adjust your stereo head’s volume without even pulling your hands away from driving. As an audio and video player, the P9640 from Planet Audio hits all the highlights and then some.

But the real surprise on this unit is the fact that, while it’s a very affordable model, Bluetooth comes standard. If you’re the kind of person who likes to take calls on the road, the P9640 has you covered, allowing you to make calls without even looking down at your phone.

Press one button to accept calls, press the same button to hang up, and keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel for the whole time. You’re also getting all the other great benefits of Bluetooth, like the ability to play audio and video directly off other Bluetooth enabled devices without connecting any cables.

In terms of options, the only thing you’re really giving up on this model is the two-way Ipod control and app support, which may not be a bad thing. If you don’t have a smartphone, or simply don’t want to run up your data plan in your car, this stereo head from Planet Audio lets you buy all the parts you’re going to use on a stereo head without charging you for the pieces that you don’t.

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