Best Alpine Double Din – IVE-W530 and CDE-W235BT In Dash

One of the neat new features you can do with your car’s stereo head is something that goes beyond just making a better radio receiver. Thanks in large part to advances in Double DIN technology and LCD screens, you can now give your stereo head the ability to play video as well; in effect, you can quite easily run DVDs through your car’s audio system.

Of course, one of the major companies behind this technological innovation is Alpine, whose entire platform is their ability to make your media more mobile than you ever thought possible before, offering high quality sound and crystal clear video in an easy-to use intuitive interface.

Below, we’ve got a couple of examples of the best Alpine head units, designed either for entertainment or for functionality, that you can customize to your personal tastes.

#1 – Alpine Double DIN In-Dash DVD Receiver

Combining an intuitive touch-screen interface with WVGA resolution, not only does this Alpine stereo head unit radio perform admirably, but getting the most out of it is incredibly intuitive. What you’re getting on this model is a 6.1 inch WVGA screen with over one million pixels worth of resolution and the capacity to easily play back DVDs, CDs, MP3s, and even WMA formatted files with ease. In addition to a great DVD receiver, you’re also getting Ipod/Iphone connectivity.

Now, this isn’t just a headphone jack you plug into your Ipod, but real integration; you can actively charge your device with this Alpine receiver, you can scroll through your music and movie data directly through your stereo head, and you can run video streaming apps like Netflix and Youtube, as well as Alpine 2 DIN navigation apps, without having to fumble with your device, perfect for keeping passengers entertained on long car trips.

Of course, if you just want to forgo plugging your device into the stereo head, you can always use the Bluetooth connectivity feature to connect to devices as well. If you’ve got a passenger with a Bluetooth enabled device, you can simply find it through the stereo head, read the relevant files, and play them through there; this way, you’re never at a loss for entertaining media.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to take calls on the road, this Alpine car stereo can also make it safer for you. Using Bluetooth as well as your Iphone system, you can easily dial into your phonebook and make hands-free calls. If your car is set up for it, you can also use this stereo head with your steering wheel controls as well; you don’t even have to look up from the road to do everything you would normally do on your phone, and you can enjoy conversations with Alpine’s high-quality audio technology.

#2 – Alpine CDE W235BT In Dash Double Din

What you end up getting with the CDE W235BT is all the audio and Bluetooth capability of the Alpine line, minus the video display. You’ve still got two-way control on your music functions, and this device still supports all of your music formats (even WMA), as well as CDs and general Bluetooth connectivity.

Of course, you can still plug your Iphone into this stereo head via a USB and do everything you could do with music and phone calls on the previous model with Alpine’s signature quality.

If money is a little tight and you’re just looking for a way to integrate your Ipod/ Iphone completely into your car’s stereo system, and don’t mind using the device itself to adjust streaming satellite services, than you’ll find that this Alpine head unit is everything you need and nothing you don’t for a price that’s much more reasonable.

Conclusion? Depends On Your Mobile Device

For these two Double DIN units, the real deciding factor isn’t your car or the features, as these stereo heads can each cover all the basics. What really determines the best Alpine head unit for you is much more focused on how much you’re getting out of your Ipod or Iphone.

If you’re the kind of person who has streaming video services, uses the driving apps on your phone like a  real time GPS, or have passengers that like to be entertained, then it’s worth it to invest in the DVD receiver.

However, if you’re strictly investing in better audio and a hands-free Bluetooth setup, you can save yourself a little bit of money and purchase the W235BT model instead; while you may lose the video support, you can still run your streaming audio services with Alpine’s top-quality sound. Whatever your needs may be, Alpine has a set of head units that have got you covered.

If Alpine isn’t one that meets your needs, opt for JVC or Kenwood, two extremely reputable brands.

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