Kenwood DNX 6190HD Review: Great Advancements Of The Navigation Section

When choosing a good, reliable navigation system for your car, you want the complete package. You don't want some of the features, or even most of the features. You want all of the features. There are a few different choices out there, and while a few of them work well enough, none have the amount of options and advancements that the Kenwood DNX 6190HD does.

The small box is one of the most powerful pieces of technology on the market, and it uses that power to turn your car from a normal vehicle into a sleek, specialized machine. Navigation is a key part of driving, but it is not the only part of the road. You want your trips to be relaxing and fun. The Kenwood dnx 610hd helps further those aspects by giving you a way to know where you're going, listen to your favorite music, and control your devices from one compact device.

Everything You Could Ever Want and More

Kenwood DNX6190HD In-Dash 2-DIN Head Unit Car Stereo

The Kenwood dnx 6190hd has a 6.1 inch touchscreen that helps you easily use the device and navigate through its various options. The goal of the machine is to make sure you can always get something out of it. Music lovers will enjoy the crisp sound and various radio options, while tech lovers will have a blast with the different connectivity and compatibility options.

The goal of the Kenwood is to make your life as easy as possible, which is shown by its numerous features. The following sections will further breakdown those aspects to help explain why the device is a cut above other such systems.

Highly-Detailed Navigation Features

Though the Kenwood dnx6190hd comes with a range of different features, its main draw is its excellent navigation. The device gives you an incredible amount of reliability, and enables you to always quickly and easily figure out where you are.

The box comes equipped with the Garmin GPS Navigation System, which is one of the best in the world. It also has preloaded NAVTEQ map data, which covers all of the United States (including Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico) as well as Canada.

The device also has a range of different map view options, allowing you to find one that is best for you. You can easily move between the various choices depending on what you need and the situation at hand. For example, the split screen AV control divides the device with navigation on the left and an audio/video control panel on the right.

Constantly Updated Traffic Data

Kenwood dnx6190HD traffic data

Another big part of driving is navigating through or completely avoiding traffic. The Kenwood dnx6190hd helps with that by giving you real-time traffic data for more than 90 major cities across North America. That then gets you to your destination as quickly as possible.

If the road is congested or if there is a closure, the Kenwood dnx6190hd automatically shifts or alters your route to get you to where you're going much faster. Even in manual mode, the machine adds delay times to your trip so you can best decide if you want to avoid stope or continue on your way.

This feature also has a lane assist function. While driving on the freeway it can be easy to get confused or miss key lane changes. Lane assist mitigates such issues by showing you upcoming junctions and interchanges. That not only makes it easier to drive, it also makes it much safer because you'll be prepared when you need to switch lanes.

The final great advancements of the navigation section are My Trend and Traffic Trend. My Trend predicts preferred routes based on your history and how you typically drive. That means the system will learn your typical route patterns and always build traffic updates based on those roads.

To complement that, Traffic Trend creates smoother drives by looking at historical traffic data for the area and time you're driving. It then adjusts maps accordingly. For instance, early morning freeway commutes will look vastly different than driving through the back roads on a weekend. Such advancements all work together to give you the most complete experience possible.

Enhanced Bluetooth Capabilities

As mentioned, the Kenwood dnx6190hd largely succeeds because of its advanced technology. The box takes all of your favorite devices as allows you to access and control them from a single place. Though there are several advancements in that umbrella, one of the most useful is the Bluetooth compatibility.

Driving is great but using technology while behind the wheel can be dangerous. Bluetooth Hands-Free enables you to talk while you drive without needing to take your hands off the wheel. Rather than holding your phone, you can either take incoming calls automatically or access them with the touch of one button.

Then, to make calls, all you have to do is move through the device's sleek interface and click. You can also set up voice dialing on your smartphone, you can use that option as well.

Bluetooth is great for safety, but it also comes with A2DP music streaming to further your listening experience. That gives you wireless music playback from any mobile device routed through your in-dash receiver.

Complete Smartphone Integration

Continuing with the idea of technological compatibility, the Kenwood dnx6190hd works extremely well with your smartphone. The USB-enabled DNX receiver model comes with full USB connectivity for audio playback on all of your devices.

The sleek interface allows you to easily browse through your iPod and search by playlist, album, song, artist, genre, or composer. There is even an option for search by Album Artwork. As well

When using the Kenwood dnx6190hd with your iPod, the device will disable the receiver's integrated control. That then allows passengers to control the iPod, both songs and apps, on their own.

Another great feature of the smartphone connectivity is that you can install the Pandora App on your device to create a great listening experience through the Kenwood dnx6190hd. Most Pandora functions can be controlled through the Kenwood receiver when the iPhone is linked up through USB or Bluetooth.

That then allows you to access a range of great functions, including thumbs up/thumbs down, bookmark artist, bookmark song, and both channel and song search. Pandora is a great interface and adding that system to your car through the Kenwood dnx6190hd will make sure you can always put on your favorite tunes.

Multiple Ways to Listen

There are many ways to take the stress off of a drive, but one of the best is with the radio. Music, sports, and talk shows are all great ways to make our time in the car much more enjoyable. Kenwood knows that, and shows it with an amazing radio experience that comes with several premium options.

First and foremost, the Kenwood dnx6190hd is equipped with built-in HD radio. Such digital broadcasts are a perfect way to access all of your favorite stations in high-quality sound. This works with both FM and AM to make sure you get the best experience, regardless of your personal taste.

In addition, as the Kenwood dnx6190hd is filled with top-of-the-line technology, all stations can portray addition information, such as song and title information, radio station promotions, album art, and any images related to songs.

If you want to expand on that radio experience, there is also the option to use Aha Radio for the iPhone and Android. This option uses your phone's data plan to organize your favorite personalized web content along with on-demand internet radio stations. It then displays such options directly to your phones on-screen interface.

That type of connectivity and access is amazing, especially because of how easy it is to use. All you need to get going with Aha radio is a wired connection via KCA-iP202 cable if you have an iPhone, or Bluetooth compatibility if you have an Android.

However, the Kenwood dnx6190hd's radio options don’t stop there. You also have the choice of using and listening to SiriusXM. This will allow you to access the best channels, sports games, and entertainment around. You will even be able to get some of Sirius' more advanced features including Instant Replay and Game Alert.

Even if you don’t have Sirius, you can easily access the option through a single direct connection to the optional SXV100/SXV200 SiriusXM tuner module.

Various Input Options

Another way the Kenwood dnx6190hd is ahead of other in-car systems is because of the numerous inputs it has available. That means, not only do you get the various upgrades and features that come with the device, but you can freely customize and upgrade it in a way that perfectly fits your lifestyle.

For example, the rear USB input allows you to easily connect your USB-enabled devices, including iPhones, iPods, compatible Mass Storage Class devices, USB thumb drives, and portable hard drives. You can charge your device and control the music playback through the input as well.

There is also a rear-view camera input (with an optional Kenwood CMOS reverse camera), which helps to both eliminate blind spots and improve general vehicle safety. Once you install the camera, the rear-view image will pop up on the DNX/DDX monitor every time you shift your vehicle into reverse.

You can also add in steering wheel control input. This interface enables you to control or use the main functions, including volume or track up/down, as you drive. Not only is that much more convenient, but it also helps increase safety by ensuring that you can keep your hands on the wheel and your focus on the road.

A Smattering of Additional Features

Kenwood DNX6190HD In-Dash 2-DIN Head Unit Car Stereo
  • Does not come with remote
  • Does not come with manuals

The Kenwood dnx6190hd is a complete package. While its main draw comes from the above options, there are several smaller features that help take the device over the top. It is not just about having all the best features on the market, it is about creating a complete and coherent system that works for everyone.

One such trait is the Kenwood dnx6190hd's color illumination. This enables you to match the Kenwood illumination with the dashboard lights of your vehicle. Not only does that means you can color-coordinate the background colors to fit your exact preferences, but it also allows you to make sure everything looks exactly how you want it to you. With a wide range of colors to choose from, there is sure to be something you enjoy.

The Kenwood dnx6190hd also comes with Triple 2.0V Pre-outs with Crossover system. This gives you the most from your external power amplifiers and generates an incredible all-around listening performance. In addition, it helps you filter out any unwanted frequencies and helps tune your system to generate the best performance. Perfect for people who want their music to sound as crisp as possible.

Another great option for the Kenwood dnx6190hd is its numerous firmware updates. As with the inputs, this allows you to always stay up to date and ensures that you can improve your device as time goes on. There is no falling behind as newer devices come out.

The operating system in the Kenwood dnx6190hd is easily updateable through free downloadable software you can get from any of Kenwood's support sites. That then helps upkeep your system, ensure strong performance as the years go on, and stay right in line with other emerging technologies.

The Best Option for Improving Your Car

Improving your car

When it comes to improving your car's technology, there is almost nothing the Kenwood dnx6190hd cannot do. The device is equipped with every feature you could ever want. It is perfect for people who enjoy listening to the radio, great for those who want the most out of their devices and is also a solid option for anyone who simply wants to be able to get to their destination on time.

We are well into the 21st century. Your navigation system should do more than navigate, and the Kenwood dnx6190hd is a perfect example of why. If you want to get the most out of your car, this is the option for you.

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