Pioneer AVHX1600DVD Double Din Review

AVH-X1600DVDPutting any kind of movie player in your car used to be a novelty reserved for the wealthy, and even then, the effect wasn’t overwhelming; essentially, you’d be getting a low-resolution screen and a gigantic tube television that would take up a lot of room in your passenger’s seats, or a screen too small to see what was going on.

Fortunately, as the technology has improved, it’s made the idea of watching DVDs in your car a lot more plausible and a lot more affordable, combining lighter high-res screens with integrated audio and even support for additional devices right through your car’s double DIN head unit.

Now, instead of a single choice for watching movies and Internet video on the go, you have several different companies, each offering you a wide variety of options to fit any budget. Like most technologies, however, who you buy from really does make a difference, especially with a large field of options. If you want to be sure you’re getting a solid product from an industry leader, you’ll find that the Pioneer AVHX1600 is for you and it certainly qualifies as one of the top 3 Pioneer models available today.

Features of the Pioneer Head Unit

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”350″ identifier=”B00GN5K88U” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”bestdoubled04-20″ width=”450″]What you’re getting on this unit is, first and foremost, a 6.1 inch LCD touchscreen optimized for WVGA 800×480 resolution with an LED backlight. With the prevalence of touch screen technology in smartphones, laptops, and tablets, it’s safe to say that we’ve now got a handle on what was once an eclectic technology.

With a modern touch screen, you now have unparalleled control of your menus and options, allowing you more user-friendly operations over a wider range than on traditional push-button systems.

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Why are we mentioning that first? Because the top rated double DIN is useless if you can’t understand the controls. Everything about this Pioneer car stereo head is improved by this touchscreen technology. Like most aftermarket Pioneer head units, you’re going to be getting all the basic pieces you’d find on your factory standard models.

The AVH x1600 is designed to act as a basic radio tuner with six preset slots, a CD player, and an 8 band equalizer. By itself, that’s nothing special; however, with the AVH x1600’s touch screen, you can really fine-tune your audio to your preferences. Using drop-down menus, you can balance literally every part of your audio to your tastes, from the basics like adjusting an equalizer and sonic center to the more advanced options of choosing outputs and balancing dissimilar audio, all in a format that makes as much sense as a home computer.

Other Notables of the Pioneer Double Din Stereo

Of course, that’s just the basics; once you get into the things that this Pioneer head unit can do, you’ll find you’ve got the same level of control and the same user-friendly interface to control it with. Just by using your regular USB setup for your smartphone, you can connect, charge, and control your music files directly from the stereo head.

pioneerIn addition to just your music, this Pioneer 2 DIN unit also has a solid level of smartphone app support, giving you the same kind of two-way control for things like streaming radio via Pandora and IHeartRadio as well as a handful of other supported apps available for download, all designed to make your drive time as easy and pleasant as possible.

But the best part, and probably the reason you’re looking at buying this stereo head, is the DVD and video playback features. Every feature we’ve taked about before can come into play here as well; the display screen is large enough to watch movies clearly, and the resolution lets you see everything with crystal-clear focus. The touch screen controls mean that choosing exactly where you want to start watching is as easy as click-and-drag.

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Finally, the on-board support for smartphones and streaming apps means that you can easily watch video from your mobile device, as well as from streaming services like Youtube, all through your stereo head. In addition, you’ve got Pioneer double DIN Bluetooth working for you, allowing you to access media from other Bluetooth enabled devices without the need for any kind of wired cable connection. Whatever your taste, you can get the most out of it with the Pioneer AVHX1600.

Conclusion? Buy It.

You’re getting a lot of options on this double DIN Pioneer stereo head, and not just for video playback either. If you’re in your car for any significant period of time, you’ll no doubt find a use for all the features the AVHX1600 can offer, even on things you didn’t really even consider. If you can find one feature on this stereo head that you really like, then it’s worth it to buy this great Pioneer model and explore the possibilities. You might find yourself falling in love with your car all over again.

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